This information is provided, in accordance with art. 13 et seq. of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, exclusively within the scope of the activities relating to the help desks dedicated to women victims of violence, with particular reference to the Economic Violence desk and the Online Anti-Violence Desk of the REAMA network (“Help Desks”).

Data Controller

The Data Controller is Fondazione Pangea Onlus (hereinafter also Pangea), with registered office in Viale Sabotino n.19/2, 20135 Milano, Tel: 02/733202.

Personal data

The personal data that will be collected and processed are: identification data, sexual orientation, personal and family data, economic, behavioural, judicial and employment data

Data Processors

Personal data may be processed both manually and electronically or telematically also by third parties for the performance of activities and related processing of personal data owned by Pangea. In accordance with the law, these subjects shall ensure levels of expertise, ability and reliability such as to guarantee the compliance with current provisions on data processing, including the profile of data security.

Place of Processing

The processing operations connected to the services offered by the help desks are carried out at the offices of Pangea and are handled only by staff authorised to do this. Personal data are processed in accordance with the Regulations and current legislation.

Aims and legal basis for processing

Pangea acquires the personal data provided in compliance with the rules of confidentiality and security provided by the Regulation and the law. Data processing is carried out using both paper, electronic and telematic tools. Pangea processes the personal data collected exclusively for the purpose of carrying out the activities connected with the Help desks, within the scope of its institutional aims, for the purpose of taking charge of the request formulated by the women, including, by way of example, reconstructing the women’s personal stories, in order to contacting them, by computer and/or telephone, to provide information on the most appropriate structure to which they can turn, sending the relevant information to the identified structure, to which the women can turn, analysing their debt situation, carrying out, more generally, counselling, training, and assistance activities provided by the Help desks. Personal data are processed to manage operations relating to and resulting from the activities of the Help desks and to create a personalised file on each woman.

Transmission of personal data to non-EU countries

Personal data will not be transmitted outside the European Union.

Storage of personal data

Personal data are kept for a period no longer than necessary for the purpose of conducting the case and/or providing the service. To this aim, also by regular checks, the data’s strict relevance, non-excessiveness and indispensability with respect to the relations, the service or the assignment in progress, to be established or terminated is constantly verified, also with reference to the data provided on one’s own initiative. Data that, also as a result of the checks, prove to be exceeding or irrelevant or non-indispensable shall not be used, except for the possible preservation, in accordance with the law, of the act or document containing them.

Submission of personal data and consent

The submission of personal data is necessary in order to carry out the assistance and support activities offered by the Help desks to women following their specific request, and any refusal may result in a limitation of these activities.

Persons in charge

Personal data will be accessible to the entities and employees of Pangea, who have been officially authorised, who are given appropriate instructions on measures, precautions, modus operandi, all aimed at the concrete protection of personal data.

Recipients of personal data

Personal data may be subject exclusively the object of the mandatory communications required for the correct performance of the procedure or to the communications and publications required by the law on transparency. Personal data, if requested, may also be communicated to judicial authorities, administrative-accounting justice bodies or other control authorities provided by the law.

Rights in the data subject

As a data subject, you have the right:
I. to access your personal data;
II. to obtain the rectification or removal of the data or the restriction of their processing;
III. to contest the processing;
IV. to submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority.
The exercise of rights is not subject to any formal obligation and is free of charge.

Security Measures

Pangea adopts appropriate and preventive security measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity, completeness and availability of personal data. Pangea has adopted technical, logistical and organisational measures to prevent, avoid or reduce the risk of loss, alteration or inappropriate use of personal data.

Information of financial nature

Pangea guarantees maximum confidentiality and security of financial information collected for the aims related to the Help desk. Pangea only keeps the information strictly necessary to carry out the requested service.


The women to whom the personal data refer may exercise their rights by contacting the owner at or Fondazione Pangea Onlus, with registered office in Viale Sabotino n.19/2, 20135 Milano, Tel: 02/733202.